Riding the route – Le Tour, Yorkshire

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This is about cycling, but it’s also about insurance, a subject that until now I haven’t thought a lot about.

I haven’t seen Suzy in a while as she has been away working but she promised ages ago that we’d go up into Yorkshire to ride some of the route of Le Tour, and sure enough this week she honoured the promise.

It was both wonderful and oh so hard!

Anyway the business side of the post came because of two insurance issues we tackled before we were able to set off.

Suzy arranged to borrow a friend’s car to take us up to just north of Skipton to a pub called The Devonshire Fell. It was a really nice big BMW luxury Landrover type thing and we only had to take the front wheels off our bikes to get them in. But we had to buy a short term insurance policy for it and I was surprised when Suzy printed and read all the terms and conditions.

She insisted to me that it was vital, and that she’d just upgraded her home contents insurance to take account of her new bike which will have cost her a heck of a lot (like more than two grand). Suzy explained that not having the right insurance is almost as bad as having none. If something happens and you need to make a claim you will have enough to worry about anyway, you won’t want to be worrying if the insurer is going to pay out or not.

I had a look online when I got to the hotel just now and found a good piece on the Express site that explains clearly how an insurer would be within their right not to pay up when you have been stupid yourself. It talks about things like leaving the sat nat on the car seat, or, like Suzy, when you buy something new and expensive, you forget to let your insurer know.

It was all an education for me, but then my only processions that I care about are my bike and my iPad. Perhaps I should think about insuring them?

She’s finished in the shower now. I need to have one then we’re going down for a drink before dinner. It all feels so grown up – here’s the view from our window…

From The Devonshire Fell

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Soul searching

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Soul searching

This is Suzy’s newest bike, I’ll tell you about it…

A couple of weeks ago I met the fellow who I mentioned who had had a puncture on the canal, and when I stopped and chatted to him a bit it transpired that he was a serious business man, or at least a corporate scientist, working at Siemens.

It really made me pull up short in my own mind as I would have been immediately arsy with someone who introduced himself as a research director (that’s what he does), but because we met on bikes, and started chatting pretty much straight away I liked him first, and so I would have found it difficult to go back and be angry with him.

It made me thing of all sorts of thoughts that I’d like to explore a bit by getting them down in print (or at least in blog).

Firstly how important first impressions are. Apparently there take about 7 seconds to form.

Shit, I bet I create some bad ones. Although I know I’m pretty, I go around being angry and looking a bit aggressive in my big boots, shaved head and shabby clothes. But also this guy. I liked him straight off, then he turns out to be part of the corporate machine. How strange is that? I guess really he’s only on the edge of the machine. As a research man he’s more boffin than suit I guess.

And there’s the next point too. I would have immediately wrote him off. That shows me as something of a shallow fool. I’m angry at myself for that. I must grow up a bit, just like mamma keeps saying, but who listens to their mothers.

And then there’s the power of the bike.

Gotta go now, but I’ll be back to this subject in a day or so.

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Hooked on Forex

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Let me tell you about a fabulous money making venture.  Forex is one of the most sensitive market trading forums out there, where the slightest movement in a currency’s value can mean significant money both lost and won for traders around the world.

I like to have a dabble in this because I don’t have to put all of my savings into it.  I can just mess on with a few shares here and there, and believe me, I make enough to get by.  In fact, it’s largely this which is funding my trip away now.

Learning to trade Forex is easy as long as you read everything you can find on the subject.  There are sites which specialise in telling you how to understand it, and banks – you might want to work with these – often have pages and pages of information for potential traders.

You can even go to a seminar to learn the trade, where you get to rub noses with some of the world’s most successful traders and learn their secrets first hand!  Pretty useful stuff!  Although some places will want you to shell out a bit of cash in return for the secrets, it’s good for the market to have a diverse number of traders online at any one time, so you can guarantee that the secrets will be well worth the money – and if you go at it cautiously but with some passion, there’s an excellent chance you’ll make your money back at over 1000%.

Are you hooked yet?

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I Spy Forex

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One of my best friends, Jura, is taking ‘Business Studies’ at university and was trying to explain to me about stocks and shares, exchange rates and other equally impossible business concepts. I’d had a few glasses of wine and champagne, the night before, at my going away celebratory night out and my tired brain was not coping with this assault of new information.

But Jura insisted that I should be aware of how money markets worked as I was going to be spending the next few months exchanging money into different currencies. It would be to my benefit that I make sense of this complicated subject.

She also went on to say that she had invested some of her student loan in some stocks and shares and that she planned to play the stock market. By investing wisely, she informed me, she hoped to gain her degree and leave university with a zero or at least a much reduced, student debt than thousands of others.

I must admit that when she explained that, it made sense and the idea of learning a bit more seemed a lot more appealing.

Jura said that that an easy way to begin was to check out www.ispyforex.com, a great site that explained all about different platforms and accounts and other technical stocks and share information to new traders. That immediately sounded too complicated for me.

But we went on the site and it was very easy to understand.

New traders can create virtual accounts and play a virtual stock market before going live.

As I read the website, I realised that this was a bigger game than roulette, this was real-time gambling. It really is irresistible; I’ll definitely be clicking onto www.ispyforex.com when I’m travelling the world.

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Using factoring when starting a business

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Starting my own business has always been a dream of mine.  I have a lot of friends that have left school and gone straight into full-time jobs without getting any life experience or seeing the world.  This is not how I’d like to live my life.  I enjoy the idea of having my own company, controlling my own hours and earning enough money so that I’ll be able to go travelling without having to worry too much about working to pay the bills.

One of my biggest worries is having enough money to begin with.  Since I enjoy travelling, I know how to spend my cash!  After researching some business start-up ideas, I found out about a service called factoring and invoice financing.  This can be very beneficial for people like me, as it allows small business to bypass getting a loan and incurring debt with a bank.

Anyway, the basic principle is that a factoring company will buy the rights to invoices (the business profit) if deals have been made with clients.  For example, if I sell £1000 worth of goods to a company, but don’t get paid for my services for a few months, then a factoring company will be able to give me the money and then take the client off my hands.  Obviously they will take their commission, but it can be a very good way to get started if you’re like me and have low income or no savings.

Obviously, to get in this position in the first place, a lot of leg work will need to be completed.  The factoring company will need to see documents ensuring that a deal has been made with the client and that they will get their cash back.  One of the things that struck me the most is how fast these companies can conduct their services.  If I made a deal right now and then called one of these companies, I could have money in my bank account within a matter of hours.  This is great for people who really want to get the ball rolling with business.

With all of this newfound information, I think it’s about time that I get cracking with my business start-up.  The sooner I get it moving, the sooner I can hit the road and continue my travelling adventures again!  It will take a lot of hard work and perseverance, but I am certainly ready.

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