It was strange having a guy stay, let alone one who came encumbered with some other guy’s dog.

The dog (Bess, even though he’s a boy) and I became besser mates, I could get him to do all sorts, including sitting from a distance. This endeared me too him massively and I was disappointed when they both left this morning, even to see The Dude off, though Saturday night became a bit uncomfortable.

He was so sweet, and actually asked if he could kiss me. I had been expecting him to just try it on and that was so gentle of him that I almost said yes. But then I crushed the poor fellow by telling him that I am a lesbian and in love with Suzy (OK, slight exaggeration these, but almost true). I told him that I’m happy to be good friends, see each other, share the same duvet while sleeping, or watching TV on the floor, but it isn’t going to go any further.

On Saturday night he was crestfallen, but yesterday he seemed to just shrug it off and we had a top day walking along the canal into Manchester, then into the Northern Quarter and drinking super strong coffee in the covered bit outside of Northern Tea Power, talking everything from old rock music to the appalling state of British politics.


I had said that I couldn’t be arsed to vote and he gave me a royal telling off for that. He said it was like bending over with my pants down saying “Fuck me then”. He said it was giving in and letting them of anything they wanted. And he was so animated I took it to heart, and promised that I’d even vote in the European elections – best do that then.

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