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I took so so many photos, and I could have taken hundreds more.

I loved everything everywhere I turned.

There was art and interpretations of art and stuff that was so inspiring I thought I’d burst a hundred times a minute.

Suzy kinda humoured me to a large extent, but that’s OK, I still love her just for taking me.

We drank amazing coffee.

Chai better than any my family has served me.

Wine at an hour that felt super decadent.

Little nibbles of food whenever we fancied them.

I daren’t ask how she was paying for it all.

Here are just a few shots I loved… Look at this – so simple, yet such fun poked at the police state and taser world.





We knocked – and ate the most amazing pizza.



This was too sweet not to shoot:



And these lamp shades were on Brick Lane — I loved them too…

IMG_1810I hope I get around to writing more and posting more.

We’re on the train home now. So tired, yet having had such an amazingly brilliant time.

Thanks you Suzy from the bottom of my heart. I don’t try to understand our friendship, but I do enjoy it more than I could ever tell you.


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Girls on DIY!

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Suzy’s little girl, Leila, gets so well looked after by everyone.

Only a few weeks back Suzy and I completely reworked her bedroom, painting it in really jolly colours, putting in some super sweet bedding, even a new bed.

What we didn’t think of though was that it’s not just Leila who needs to store clothes in the room, mum needs to too, and the lovely pink chest of drawers we’d found just wasn’t big enough.

So while Leila was off having her pre- Christmas stay with her dad (a completely top fellow who Suzy still loves, but I’ll tell you why they went their separate ways some other time, it’s almost a juicy story, but not quite). Whoa, I’m letting my words get ahead of me here – while Leila was away with her dad Suzy and I went to town on the bedroom again.

This time we could have bitten off too much for two not too practical women, but we would never admit that! We ordered a brilliant wardrobe pack from, and not only that we managed to assemble the whole thing ourselves with the only man in sight being the chap who delivered it.

When Leila came home apparently she squealed with delight for minutes!

It is pretty fab, I’d love something like it. It fills a deep alcove, and has shelves, hanging rails, and big sliding doors. Two of the doors have a strip of mirror part way up – we checked to make sure Leila would be able to see herself in them – and then one central door that’s a full length mirror.

She told her aunt Kristen that she will always think of me when she practises her dance routines in front of the mirror! I think I’m honoured!

So anyway – slide wardrobes. Easy, sensible price, and what an asset to the room, the house, and probably its value too. But most of all to the little girl who’s room it is, and all her mum’s lovely clothes.

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Waxing? No way!

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We were sitting in The Cot having a laugh about girly hygiene when waxing came up as Shaz had just read this article on the Huffington Post.

Do you wax baby?

Oh, not me, no way!

And no I don’t wear a huge pant moustache either.

I was eighteen when I had a subtle laser job, and it was worth every penny. A bit of a scissors trim now again and I’m presentable in most audiences. I wanted to get my pits done at the same time, but the surgeon insisted that I wait a few years. Apparently it would have given me a hideous rash for months if I had it done then.

I was the only one though. Shaz still attacks herself with a tweezers instead of paying for any personal treatments. That really surprised me as she’s the immaculate one. Suzy is a bit twisted anyway and she swears that she loves the pain of the personal waxing, and just to help the statistics even out two of the girls just do a trim now and then – blimey, they must get bushy!

Boys are so lucky not to have to bother, yet they bitch on about having to shave every now and then, and even then most don’t do their legs. A Saffa mate I know gets a full BSC every now and then, but he’s so hairy I’m not surprised his girlfriend insists on it.

The funny think is that I bet mamma never bothered, and yet she was so glamorous when I was a kid and papa used to take her to the embassy parties. I wonder what she thinks of girls now. If we pull off the India trip I’ll have plenty of time to ask, provided Sanjay isn’t always trying to ‘protect’ me I guess.

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Kids Rooms That Rock!

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I’m no interior designer, but I have just had the biggest fun helping Suzy, one of the older girls at Uni, design and decorate a room for Lucy, her little daughter. I have to say at this point that the name Lucy is quite lovely, even if it does make her sound like a rather sweet crepe, however calling your daughter after yourself just feels so last century (or maybe even the one before that). Now I’m not English and so maybe I’m missing a point, but still… Anyway, back to this room. It’s radical. I would love to have had something like that when i was a kid, but even having colour on the walls was radical back then. We bought all the bed linen from this site: and it was soooo cheap! We got some printed storage boxes, a sweet rug and all sorts, it was like we were unleashed in a sweet shop. Once we had chosen everything we hired a floor sander and transformed the floor boards from shabby to gorgeous. We decided not to varnish them, partly out of laziness, and partly because they look so nice. I then did the painting – three pink walls and one in little boy blue (that’s what the colour is actually called on the tin). I was dead chuffed, and thank god I managed not to get any paint onto the new boards. But we were both most excited about building the little IKEA bed we had bought and making it up with the lovely Candy Stripe bedding – bright pink! Amazing! This is it on the website: 3564 Now I want to do someone else’s. Of course I could always make my dorm look nice, but that feels like it would be a waste of effort, and it’s possible we’re not even allowed to.

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Diesel clothing

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bandWell, it was my last weekend before my big trip and that obviously meant a big night out. We had an awesome night, let me tell you.

My best friends, Zoe, Grace and Jura, started off in my bedroom getting dressed and putting our make-up on, straightening our hair and having an excellent laugh. My dad had donated a bottle of champagne to get the going-away party off to a sparkling start; love my dad.

Zoe lives two doors down from me and we’ve been best friends since we were eight. The only time we’ve ever fallen out was when we both had a crush on Jason Boyle and argued as to who he liked best. It turned out he didn’t like either of us, his only love was football.

We met Grace and Jura at school and the four of us have become thick as thieves as the years have passed. I couldn’t possibly head off to foreign lands without saying a serious au revoir to them.

Finally, we were ready and all looking drop-dead gorgeous. No self-promotion on my part – this was my Dad talking…although I suspect he’d already downed a couple of glasses of rioja!

We headed to the Coconut Grove, a bar that mainly attracts people our age and has live gigs on Saturday nights. Jura said that the drummer of one of the bands was a bit of a looker. The rest of us were more than ready to give out opinions on the subject of whether the guy was hot or not.

We chatted to people there that we knew and I had to slip in at every opportunity the reason for our celebratory night out; I was off to travel the world.

Well, Jura’s guy was definitely alright, but it was the bass guitarist who caught my eye. I’ve always thought that bass players never get the attention they deserve. It’s always the lead singer or the lead guitarist who attract the majority of the girls. But bass is the core of the sound, the rhythm, the heart and this bass player could have my heart anytime, well, if I wasn’t jetting off to Johannesburg that week.

He was dark-haired, tall and his diesel clothing just looked so cool on his extremely slim frame. If I didn’t have a world trip planned I would happily have been his groupie.

But, alas, I was heading south for the winter and spring and summer and wouldn’t be returning until September, when I’m due to start my first year at university.

As we chatted later on and shared a slow dance and a bit of smooching, it emerged that he too was studying at the same university; civil engineering I’m sure he said. Maybe we could meet up for a coffee at uni. I snuggled into his diesel clothing and said that maybe we could.

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Why I love Mens G-star Jeans

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A pair of unwashed denim jeans means cool. There’s a rugged James Dean-ish appeal to it and I just love it. I have to admit I swoon when I see guys wearing tight-fitting jeans. I’m sure the boys do, too, when girls slip into their own tight-fitting jeans. I’m not the best looking gal but I know my jeans. I know that the hottest (and coolest) denim today is Mens G-Star Jeans and there are several reasons for that. The Mens G-Star Jeans fashion fad hit its high when it starred at the New York Fashion Week in 2008 and it never stopped from there.

I think G-Star is cool for three reasons. Number 1, Justin Bieber. Okay, I get it, a lot of people may not think Justin Bieber is cool but there’s no denying that he’s one of the top artists out there. Everybody knows him, his hair, his songs, his moves, his girlfriend, and his denim jeans and jackets.

Justin Bieber is top of the line, and so are other edgy celebrities that have worn G-star Jeans including Adam Lambert, Enrique Iglesias, Gwen Estefani, Liv Tyler, Jay-Z and Zac Efron. (I’d love putting my name at the end of that list.)

Number 2, tough guys wear G-star RAW denims. How much tougher can a pair of pants get than being unwashed and untreated? No, really, this is one tough apparel since its inspiration comes from the military. The jeans almost always come with a jacket, and the jacket reminds people of a military officer with all his ranks.

I learned that the first G-star Jeans were made from canvas that was used to make tents. It can’t get any tougher than that.

And number 3, Mens G-star Jeans are modern. Times are changing and so is fashion. Sometimes it changes so fast I can’t keep up. Only today are there denim jeans that have pockets for mobile phones or jackets that have zippered arm pockets. Only today are there men’s jeans that are so tight it’s almost difficult to move.

G-star Jeans are cutting edge, and I love it; I become cutting edge myself. This Amsterdam-based apparel is very stylishly Euro.

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