Inside Llewyn Davis

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OK, I admit it, I got this one wrong. It may have been that I was too tired to spot the meanings, but to me the latest Cohen Brothers film was boring.

It’s a day or three in the live of a folk singer who thinks he deserves success, but he’s a lazy smuchk with more chips on his shoulders than a 80s power dresser.

Thankfully it was only an hour and a half long as I was bored and my mind wandering pretty much from the start. It ends with what I assume was Bob Dylan playing the folk music that Llewyn considered to be dead. That was probably the statement of it all.


There were some funny bits concerning a cat, or a couple of cats. There was a great, if minor, performance from Carey Mulligan playing his sometime girlfriend, who was also going out with Justin Timberlake. And of course John Goodman had a role or two, Cohens and Goodman are inseparable after all.

Thinking back over it now, it wasn’t a bad film, it was cool, slow, in fact many of the characteristics that I look for in a film – I was just too tired to enjoy it I guess.

A swift beer in the Beagle, and a great Middle Eastern meal in the Jasmine so all in all a good night.

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Wolf Of Wall Street.

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Why on earth would I go to see The Wolf of Wall Street?

I wish I knew.

Here I am, verging on lesbian, but still keen on a couple of fellas, generally shaven headed, mini-skirt, I’ll grant you that, but worn with big boots that shout feminist loud and clear for anyone who cares to read the signals.

And yet I went to see The Wolf. With three other girls each more right on than me.

And strangely we loved it.


Don’t get me wrong – it’s drivel of the first order, but it is fun if you read between enough of the lines (I didn’t mean the lines of coke, I don’t have time to do that much reading).

Di Caprio was pretty cool, but it was Jonah Hill who gets my vote as the star.

It was all flesh out, and as Di Caprio’s character says to his own dad, girls these days (in the late 80’s) are shaved from the eyebrows down. There were plenty of fine girls with their kit off that’s for sure. And we roared with laughter every time one graced the screen.

Who knows if Wall Street was really like the film, but it is based on a guy’s autobiography, so that should tell us something. It was completely outrageous, and utterly immoral, but I guess that’s the whole point.

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