Living Live With a Gambling Edge

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So any of you guys that know me will know that I can at times be blunt and to the point but things are not always as they seem, I may well go on about how life constantly seems to try my patience and about the way that I want to rebel in the most outrageous manner possible but isn’t that what you come to expect from an 18 year old?

So life is not all about bikes, boys and clubs for me all of the time, sometimes I have to mix things up to keep life interesting, keep it exciting and unscripted if you know what I mean.

Living life as I do, you have to throw something new into the mix otherwise you lose the will to get out of bed and that means that taking risks and sampling new things is vital if you want to prevent life becoming predictable, we have plenty of time for that in later life!

I often find myself lost in my own little world with the strangest possible thoughts flowing through my brain but that doesn’t make me weird, it just makes me who I am and as far as I’m concerned, that the ultimate ability, to be yourself and not just another statistical persona that conforms with everything, I mean where is the fun in that?
I’ve not previously mentioned this, but I have been trying to keep life fresh with a string of different lifestyle choices, sampling them one month at a time in order to make sure that I have as much experience in life as possible before I inevitably fall into an office job, working 9-5 and working until retirement age (sounds great doesn’t it?).

In line with my commitment, I recently read about a guy who had managed to make a fortune gambling on an online casino, something that has never interested me in the slightest, I mean who in this day and age has the time and money to be throwing it into a game of luck that is created to favour the operator?

Not writing off the fact that he has just lucked his way to over £5m in prize money, I decided that it would be worthwhile just to sample a little of the thrill that he will have had while throwing his hard earned money at a company that just sit and watch as their pockets fill, deeper and deeper.

Being completely new to the gambling way of life, naturally the risk had to be as small as possible in order to make this a viable experience for me, I mean I’m not made of money and by no means have spare money to be throwing away in the hope of chasing a fortune, instead my experience of gambling was more about trying to realise why and how people can do this on a wider scale of life, ultimately becoming a professional.

Knowing that the risk that comes with gambling is high, I obviously searched around for the cheapest way to get that to the level of excitement that many compulsive gamblers describe; I mean how the hell do you get so addicted to throwing money at something you can’t control?

Speaking to a couple of the guys that I know, they recommended that I take a look at different sites that promote free betting offers which went a little over my head as I completely failed to grasp the concept that I’m not using my money if the bets are free…

With the concept explained, Tony (a friend of mine that I’ve known for a good few years now) told me about a site that opened up the chance for me to be able to sample the lifestyle and still bet for free (which means that your account is given a free matching bet to the amount that you deposit, not that you sign up and get free money btw).

He was a great help to me during the whole betting process too as I don’t really follow sports news or anything like that, I much prefer to be out on my bike and taking a trip through the weird and wonderful life rather than looking at newspapers with numbers and little jockeys printed next to some outrageous horse name.

Clearly the dabble with betting wasn’t for me, soon watching the small amount of money that I was willing to throw away being taken as I watched a load of horses race on the little corner of my screen.

Gambling certainly isn’t for me, each to their own I guess but my money will be staying firmly in my pocket for now.

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Catching up

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FacebookF300x200If there’s one thing trains are really good for, it’s catching up on everything you’ve missed on the internet. Stuff like, well, there’s Facebook and Twitter, of course; personally I’m more of an FB chick than a Tweeter, but each to his own. I still use both because you never know when something might come in handy.

Then there’s the news. I like to think about the cultural impact some events seem to have, like when you think about 9/11. I was just about eight years old when that happened, but I can still remember what I was doing when I heard the news, I was making a bookmark in craft at school.

For something to affect a distant eight year old like that, you would think there would be some serious cultural impact on the United States and I guess there has been…it’s an image that seems to have been burned indelibly onto their psyches…I’m sure there have been lots of effects on US culture other than that, but I don’t know any Americans, so I couldn’t say for sure.

Then of course, there’s online gambling. It’s not that I’ve missed it, but I need to keep up my funds for this trip and as I’ve said before, playing a little bingo has been my thing so far; that is until now. Now I’ve discovered live blackjack casinos. Oh dear, I’m on the slippery slope now and it’s far too late for me to drag myself off.

A word to the wise, however; it seems to me that you get winning streaks and losing streaks and I suspect that when you are winning, all is great, but as soon as you lose once or twice, something in your mindset changes. So, in order to prove I am not addicted at all, I am operating under the rule that the first game I lose is the last game I play that day.



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Bonus me bingo!

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I know it’s not supposed to be very good for me, but I’m good at it and it’s pretty hard to resist anything like that.

Online bingo is fun, silly, doesn’t cost a lot and the real secret is that there are hundreds of sites, and loads of them have super-cool bonus offers.

This means that you deposit so much and the bingo company either match it or increase it. Sometimes by up to as much as 400%!  They call it bingo bonuses.  So, there you are depositing a simple fiver into your bingo account, and the company sticks an extra twenty on top.  You then get to play with that money as if it was yours, and you keep the prize money if you win.

And win you do.  Bingo is one of the easiest games to learn and it’s honestly the game that just keeps giving.  Either that or I’m just ridiculously lucky.

This year (and remember, I’ve been 18 for less than eight months), I earned £700 just playing bingo.  Normally this would go on handbags, make up and pink wine with the ladies, but now I know I’m going to need it for my travels, so I’m practicing Machiavellianism!  The ends justify the means!

After all, not only are we in a recession, but unemployment for 16-24 year olds is at an all time high, so I figure if it works, I should do it.  Bingo bonuses are going to keep me abroad for longer, and for that I am grateful.

What is more, you can visit websites which list the bingo sites with the best bonuses.  This takes the guesswork out of it all and gives you a chance to use your time almost sensibly (bearing in mind that it is gambling, after all).  Somehow it doesn’t seem so bad if you’re gambling with someone else’s money.  Think of it as stock exchange trading if you like.

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Playing blackjack online

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cardsAs you may have already guessed, I enjoy a little wager every now and then – not too much though, as the fear of getting addicted is always with me.  I can imagine what my dad would say!  However, a little play every now and then is a fun way to pass the time, and I’ve been making some extra spending money which can’t be a bad thing; I’m going to need it after all.

I hadn’t tried blackjack before, but friends have recommended it so I thought why not give it a go?  As I didn’t know what I was doing aside from what my friends had told me, I did a bit of research, then tried playing a few practise games without using an actual stake, which is a great way to learn the ropes in an online casino.

After I’d got the general idea, get nearer than the dealer to 21 without going over etc, I had a go for real.  I lost the first few hands, and it seemed like the luck really was with the dealer and not me…but then I got a blackjack!  Ace and king – it was a great feeling, and the anticipation whilst I was waiting for the dealer to turn over the cards in the hands that followed was a great buzz.

As I played a few more hands, I developed some ‘rules’ about when I would take a card and when I would stick.  There’s the obvious ones like I always take a card if my hand so far is ten or less, but there’s also other rules like not taking a card if the dealer has a five or a six showing, as the odds are high that they have 15 or 16 and should therefore go bust.  It’s not an infallible strategy, but I found myself doing OK if I stuck to it.  I also discovered the option to double; I’d read about it but didn’t realise you would only get one card, which threw me the first time when I had 12 and wanted another!  Just goes to show that practice and reading up first are important when it comes to internet gambling.

Anyway, blackjack has added another option to my online gaming and I like it – it’s a combination of the luck of roulette, but with a little of the skill of poker without having to work out what other players are thinking.  I’ll definitely be playing again.

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Gambling is as gambling does

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Dice on wooden table (macro)As you know by now, I might be only just 18, but I’ve quickly figured out the whole gambling scene.  Well, maybe not the whole scene, but certainly the bits that I need.  Everyone needs a bit of extra cash, and so far I’ve managed to play just the little that allows me to pay off a few bills and hone my skills.

My two personal favourites are roulette (because it’s easy) and poker (because I feel skilled, even though I mainly rely on luck).  I try not to overdo it; I’m determined not to have a gambling problem.  I can see myself in twenty years’ time, my face lined and hollow as I creep up to a dirty green door in a backstreet and join my peers at GA.  Addiction is addiction, it doesn’t matter what form it takes, and I’ve no intention of becoming that person.  It’s just not glamorous!  Anyway, if my dad caught me, I’d be in a world of trouble.

There are myriad sites available for our playing pleasure, and it’s impossible to know which ones are best without joining them and trying them out.  That’s fine if you have the spare cash and time on your hands, but some of us are busy planning our world trip!

Much to my joy, there’s a review site for gamblers, called Belle Rock Entertainment, which takes the time-consuming pain out of trying new gambling sites and gives the consumer a chance to work it out first.  It doesn’t include sites from the US, but Canada, Europe and the UK are all in there.  I certainly don’t need more to choose from (choice is a terrible thing anyway), so I’m going to work my way through the site and make some informed choices about the sites I use.

I’m going to need some serious spending money, after all.  Belle Rock Entertainment is going to help me with that.

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Gambling on the French Riviera

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The tower of dicesWhile planning my gap year trip, one destination that keeps popping into my head is Monte Carlo, centre of glamour, sophistication and of course, gambling.

I have a very slight penchant for placing the occasional and very small, wager. The lure of the win and the extra cash is irresistible, as well as a lot of fun. Having just turned eighteen and therefore the legal age to place bets, I am no expert in the different forms of gambling, but I have to admit that I am a willing pupil. I plan to learn how to play as many different games as possible.

Yes, I would love to visit Monte Carlo. Even the sound of it sends a shiver of anticipation through me. To visit the tiny principality would be so thrilling. I imagine beautiful people, flashy cars, helicopters, sun, luxury yachts and maybe even a glimpse of somebody famous.

And of course, one could not possibly think about Monte Carlo and not think about the casino. That is the centre of my desire, if and when I ever go there.

I’ve seen photographs of the casino and it just looks exquisite. Without any hesitation I can visualise myself wandering around the tables, cool and casual, nodding at a visiting head of state, smiling at a grand prix driver and fluttering my eyelashes at the secret spy as a local prince admires my dress. We all gather round the roulette table and everyone waits with bated breath to see if it’s black or red. Another fortune lost or won.

Silly, I know, but that’s what the mention of Monte Carlo does to me.

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