My Phone, My Camera, and now My Key

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No one who knows Kristen S would call me a techy. I love my iPhone. I love my iPad. But I’m happy in the knowledge that both can do a billion times as many things as I know how to use. However I was still surprised when I read this post (linked below) about phones being used to open doors – blimey imagine that? It’s both exciting and scary. Yale have been working on an NFC application that’s now available in the Clarion Hotel in Stockholm which literally let’s you open a door lock with your phone. All I really want to know is how I can get to Stockholm to try it out for real! I suspect that after last weekend Suzy would like the idea of a weekend these, but might be feeling the pinch financially for a week or two. So let’s extrapolate this out. If I can have an app that let’s me check in remotely, and then it enables my phone like a key, then I wonder if that also means that in a few years keys will become an artefact of the past and the list of genius from our phones will grow even longer… Phone. Email. Torch. TV. Radio. Address book. Map. Recipe book. Facebook. Every book and newspaper and magazine imaginable. And now key!

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Girls on DIY!

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Suzy’s little girl, Leila, gets so well looked after by everyone.

Only a few weeks back Suzy and I completely reworked her bedroom, painting it in really jolly colours, putting in some super sweet bedding, even a new bed.

What we didn’t think of though was that it’s not just Leila who needs to store clothes in the room, mum needs to too, and the lovely pink chest of drawers we’d found just wasn’t big enough.

So while Leila was off having her pre- Christmas stay with her dad (a completely top fellow who Suzy still loves, but I’ll tell you why they went their separate ways some other time, it’s almost a juicy story, but not quite). Whoa, I’m letting my words get ahead of me here – while Leila was away with her dad Suzy and I went to town on the bedroom again.

This time we could have bitten off too much for two not too practical women, but we would never admit that! We ordered a brilliant wardrobe pack from, and not only that we managed to assemble the whole thing ourselves with the only man in sight being the chap who delivered it.

When Leila came home apparently she squealed with delight for minutes!

It is pretty fab, I’d love something like it. It fills a deep alcove, and has shelves, hanging rails, and big sliding doors. Two of the doors have a strip of mirror part way up – we checked to make sure Leila would be able to see herself in them – and then one central door that’s a full length mirror.

She told her aunt Kristen that she will always think of me when she practises her dance routines in front of the mirror! I think I’m honoured!

So anyway – slide wardrobes. Easy, sensible price, and what an asset to the room, the house, and probably its value too. But most of all to the little girl who’s room it is, and all her mum’s lovely clothes.

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