Riding the route – Le Tour, Yorkshire

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This is about cycling, but it’s also about insurance, a subject that until now I haven’t thought a lot about.

I haven’t seen Suzy in a while as she has been away working but she promised ages ago that we’d go up into Yorkshire to ride some of the route of Le Tour, and sure enough this week she honoured the promise.

It was both wonderful and oh so hard!

Anyway the business side of the post came because of two insurance issues we tackled before we were able to set off.

Suzy arranged to borrow a friend’s car to take us up to just north of Skipton to a pub called The Devonshire Fell. It was a really nice big BMW luxury Landrover type thing and we only had to take the front wheels off our bikes to get them in. But we had to buy a short term insurance policy for it and I was surprised when Suzy printed and read all the terms and conditions.

She insisted to me that it was vital, and that she’d just upgraded her home contents insurance to take account of her new bike which will have cost her a heck of a lot (like more than two grand). Suzy explained that not having the right insurance is almost as bad as having none. If something happens and you need to make a claim you will have enough to worry about anyway, you won’t want to be worrying if the insurer is going to pay out or not.

I had a look online when I got to the hotel just now and found a good piece on the Express site that explains clearly how an insurer would be within their right not to pay up when you have been stupid yourself. It talks about things like leaving the sat nat on the car seat, or, like Suzy, when you buy something new and expensive, you forget to let your insurer know.

It was all an education for me, but then my only processions that I care about are my bike and my iPad. Perhaps I should think about insuring them?

She’s finished in the shower now. I need to have one then we’re going down for a drink before dinner. It all feels so grown up – here’s the view from our window…

From The Devonshire Fell

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Thinking while I work. That’s a challenge!

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I have been working on and off with a cool little business called Data-Label. They make all sorts of self adhesive labels for business, and that ranges from the branded stickers that a car dealer might put in the back window of a used car to some interesting security applications for tracking hardware and office goods. These latter labels are tamper evident so that you can’t peel it off one item and then apply it to another without damaging it. But the most useful thing is that they can be linked to your barcode system and that’s how I came across them in the first place. I looked them up when we were sock taking in the pub as I was convinced that there must be a better way of doing it all that just writing on the barrels and then taking notes in a book.

It was a woman who I met at The Beech who I wanted to write about here. This could take me a while as I need to properly get my head around what she does.

I have a vested interest. She was telling me about all sorts of different training courses that she runs for people in business, and people just trying to sort their lives out.

We started talking about it because she asked me how I like my job and I said that sometimes it’s so much fun I forget that I have to find a real job sometimes. And that seemed to open the gates because one of the things the woman does, let’s call her Linda, is to help people think through difficult decisions. I’m going to write about her tomorrow – and I’m going to introduce her to some of the places I work with – like Data Label.

How do I veer around subjects in quite such a random fashion?

It’s all good fun.

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Life at top speed.

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Ha, when I was selecting the categories for this post I went for sex, money and culture.

It has been so full on of late.

I have been working at The Beech lots of nights, and seeing Suzy in some sort of feeding frenzy where we just can’t get enough of each other.

And we even went to see a musical – how la di da is that?

We saw Les Miserables, which I first saw as a film last year and completely loved, but seeing it at the theatre took it to a new level.

So for once I feel that I can honestly say that I have moved on from just studying and spouting about culture, to actually becoming a culture vulture in my own right.

It wasn’t just a trip to the theatre though. We did it in style and had a gorgeous pre-theatre dinner in a little restaurant on Dean Street called Pierre Victoire. Suzy told me that it was great French food at sensible prices. I thought it was lovely food at huge prices served by surly waitresses who really needed feeding up, but I wasn’t paying so I didn’t complain. We even drank calvados after dinner as a digestive! I’ve never been so civilised, but more to the point I’ve never seen Suzy acting as id she knew what to do in a social situation, yet at the restaurant she was on the case from the outset.

We’ve been together too long to be in that infatuation stage, but I have never felt closer to her – and I love it!


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Pin Money

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Money is an obsessions among students.

Many of the kids are from abroad and the very fact that they are here indicates that they are from rich families (not always, but usually).

Loads of them are Indian, and they look at me excepting me to be rich too.

I quite enjoying playing the slum dog and making it very clear that daddy doesn’t have a fleet of cars, in fact daddy, who ever he actually is, has had nothing to do with me for most of my formative years.

I love to shock them, but I know I’m exaggerating most of the time.

But back to money.

There are all sorts of ways of topping up your cash if you need to.

I do the bar work when I can – I haven’t down a single night this month, but more of that later. Recently though I have put myself onto a lot of surveys, it’s easy to register, and while most of them only pay a couple of quid a time, it’s better than nothing. It shocks me to think that companies might actually make important decisions based on what a bunch of students posing as business people, or mums or whatever, have suggested that their behaviours might be.

What I’d like to do is a bit of courier riding. Getting paid to do what I want to do is pretty much my biggest ambition in life – not just as a cycle courier, I mean no matter what I do, I intend to make it enjoyable. The first step in that direction was certainly bar work – I love it, and couriering will be my next. I intend to ask every good looking business man I meet in their offices for their pearls of wisdom in making myself successful too.

Kristen may mess around a lot, but when it come sot getting ahead, I intend to be a winner!

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