Travelling in style.

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When I travel, whether it’s catching a bus to Newcastle to see the Dude, or flying around the world to suffer my family in India, I tend to take the same rucksack that apparently was once my uncle Sanjay’s. It’s canvas, ancient, heavy, leaks so that I have to put everything inside in a bin bag, but also it has sewn on badges from his travels around the world in the sixties and seventies and if someone laughs at it then I just know that they are not my kind of person.

One day though I hope that I’ll have enough money to not only travel extensively, but also to travel in style. By that I don’t necessarily mean the class of travel, but more that I don’t want to be encumbered by all of the things that i’d like to use when I reach any longer term destination.

I’ve been reading about Send My Bag and I want to use their service right now!

These guys have set up a genius service that allows you to have your bags picked up before you go away, and then they’ll be at your destination waiting for you when you get there.

How good is that?

I can see the thirty year old Kristen swanning onto the plane with just her LV wheelie bag, while the bulk of my clothes and paraphernalia is shipped ahead of me. Wonderful.


Actually no matter whether I get rich or not I can’t imagine me ever owning anything as flashy as this, but I certainly can imagine sending my bags ahead. For a start you wouldn’t have to worry about what embarrassing things they might find in customs, and you wouldn’t need to bother about the silly charges for luggage in the hold on cheap flights.

Actually I best move the carry luggage down from the wheelie bag to a hold all – that’s more my style anyway.

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Marshall Bruce Mathers III. Eminem.

It’s not cool for a kid of my age to like Eminem, but I listen to him now and then (like right now) and he just blows me away. The most recent album is just so mad, thought through, and frighteningly fast.

OK, so his lyrics are pretty anti women at times, but that makes me laugh anyway, he just sang something like”like you think you’ve got some kinda platinum vagina” it makes me hoot.

What is he, is hip hop rap? Is rap music, or poetry? Is he a singing actor, an acting singer? Is he bad? Mad? Does he love Hayley?

Do you know I don’t give a shit, if I turn him up and I’m with someone they can expect a rough tough exciting ride of you know what I mean. He gets me going in a bad way and just sitting here now taking a little break from essay writing I’m needing something a bit more than just music.

I haven’t seen Suzy in so long I feel like a single girl again. Not that we’re an item, more like just good friends who occasionally get carried away, but when we do we get seriously carried away!

Here it is, this is the one I’ve got on, the Marshall Mathers LP2 (was there an LP1? I haven’t got that). Latest. Best!


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Spring. Blossom. Life comes back.

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I think I’m getting a bit spiritual, or perhaps a bit more spiritual. I guess as a girl of Indian descent I’ll always be more believing in forces that the Brits probably don’t even consider.

These thoughts have been running through my head as I realise how enchanted I have become by the bursting forth of spring.

I talked to Suzy about it, but I think she just thought it was idiosyncratic Kristen going off on one and nothing to worry about.

I talked to Linda the coach lady about it and she loved hearing my enthusiasm for things as simple as the pinprick of green as a bud first reveals its treasure, the blossom that heralds the real new year.

Actually, there’s a point. I wonder why the new year starts at the winter solstice, and I wonder if it does so in all cultures? I guess it makes sense in that it’s the turning point, but wouldn’t it be interesting to see the new year start at the spring equinox?

For a girl who is driven by extremes, it sometimes feels unnatural that I get carried away by such soft and gentle things, but perhaps that’s just a different extreme.

I feel a need to learn more about Japanese culture today. There’s a concept called mono no aware, it means something like slowing down to seize the moment in a most calm sense. I read it on someone else’s blog about the beauty of the far west of cornwall and I liked it a lot. It made me want to go and wander through the streets paying real attention to the trees blossoming and even the falling petals on pavements.

Makes me tingle even thinking about it.


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Reaching our true potential.

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Dear Blog.

Today you have to be my best and most helpful friend.

I have to get these words down about Linda, so I’m going to practise here.

It’s something along the lines of:

I help you and your people understand and achieve your true potential.

or how about:

When you understand your potential you realise that your limits are way before anything you have dreamed of.

But then it could be something from a different angle. How about:

When you’re working at your very best work becomes a joy, you are a joy to be with, and the energy you create starts to rub off on those around you.

This state is where true engagement happens, this is when your business starts to perform in ways beyond anything you have dreamed of. The best performing businesses in the world outstrip the competition through working together as engaged teams.

It’s only through understanding your potential, and then exploring the blocks to achieving it, that you will be able to map the route to astounding success. The biggest block is just stopping, taking stock, and looking at your lives. That may be just your work life, but it is more likely to be wider than that. The pressures you feel from home, or the pressure you feel from not being at home enough, are all significant.


It can be too fast, too intense, for some. These people should self identify and be given less demanding roles, or be helped find something that suits them better outside the business.

Hey, I’m quite getting into this, it could be fun. Here’s my main distraction – the frame is still stripped. I have all the parts. I have thoroughly cleaned everything and regressed it all – quite a job and I’m a proud girl to have down it. But I haven’t started to assemble anything yet.


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Trying to label Linda.

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Thinking about Linda. As I said I have a vested interest in this as, at some point in our conversation, I agreed to write something for her that she could use as a simple home page for the website she wants to create.

Blimey. I only met her today and already we’re sort of working together. It must have been her influence though that made me suggest it, I would never normally have the confidence to do such a thing with a friend let alone someone I’ve never met before.

So what does she do?

Well, apart from being a sportswoman who once reached the very top of her game – I don’t know what sport she’s into, but she told me that much – she’s also a trainer / coach who works across the world, and that’s what I need to think about.

The most important thing that I do is to create a short, simple line that defines Linda.

When she talks about herself it’s deeply involving. She talks about helping individuals, whether they are CEOs of big corporate companies, or just someone like me who she has met in the pub, to reach their true potential. She says that the potential of someone in this country is often way beyond what they expect it to be and she thinks that’s still a hangover from the modesty of the Victorians. She reckons that as an Indian, at least by descent, my natural state should be a whole lot more liberated and free – blimey, that mae me feel more British than Indian.

She comes up with lovely phrases such as this:

1947998_10152113425987621_448086308_nIt’s impel, but powerful stuff. She told me that as I get older it’ll be easier to let something happen for longer before I discard it – such as a relationship, or belief. But she said that it’ll benefit me to practise keeping that principle in mind now. Blimey. I think I could learn so much.

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Thinking while I work. That’s a challenge!

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I have been working on and off with a cool little business called Data-Label. They make all sorts of self adhesive labels for business, and that ranges from the branded stickers that a car dealer might put in the back window of a used car to some interesting security applications for tracking hardware and office goods. These latter labels are tamper evident so that you can’t peel it off one item and then apply it to another without damaging it. But the most useful thing is that they can be linked to your barcode system and that’s how I came across them in the first place. I looked them up when we were sock taking in the pub as I was convinced that there must be a better way of doing it all that just writing on the barrels and then taking notes in a book.

It was a woman who I met at The Beech who I wanted to write about here. This could take me a while as I need to properly get my head around what she does.

I have a vested interest. She was telling me about all sorts of different training courses that she runs for people in business, and people just trying to sort their lives out.

We started talking about it because she asked me how I like my job and I said that sometimes it’s so much fun I forget that I have to find a real job sometimes. And that seemed to open the gates because one of the things the woman does, let’s call her Linda, is to help people think through difficult decisions. I’m going to write about her tomorrow – and I’m going to introduce her to some of the places I work with – like Data Label.

How do I veer around subjects in quite such a random fashion?

It’s all good fun.

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New bike obsession

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I’m trying to not just write about my bike every time that I open the blog, but it is the only thing I’m thinking about most of the time.

Suzy is away, will be for ages. College is a bind in that there’s is so much to do, but I’m not really enjoying it at the moment.

And then there’s the bike.

I only gave Colin’s dad £100 for it, and I have already spent that much again on it. The tyres were the originals and so the walls had started to perish. I bought new ones and inner tubes too. Nice Schwable ones with puncture resistant strips built in, and much more narrow than a modern mountain bike would have.

Then I replaced all four of the cables, and the brake blocks.

I’ve ordered a Charge saddle like the one on my fixie, and in the same tan leather too.


And I’ve stripped everything down and cleaned every little bit of fifteen year old mud off it.

I like the idea of leaving the slightly scuffed up paint, and where it’s worn from Colin’s dad’s leggings rubbing the top tube on one side. It gives it a lovely patina.

I’ve also scrapped the old curled bars ends he had on it and replaced them with really subtle ones that’ll be just right for pulling up hills, but that don’t spoil the look of the bike.

I think it will be a thing of beauty that older mountain bike enthusiasts will want to come and drool over, and who knows, some of them might want to drool over me as well!

No photos yet, but there will be soon.

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