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Marshall Bruce Mathers III. Eminem.

It’s not cool for a kid of my age to like Eminem, but I listen to him now and then (like right now) and he just blows me away. The most recent album is just so mad, thought through, and frighteningly fast.

OK, so his lyrics are pretty anti women at times, but that makes me laugh anyway, he just sang something like”like you think you’ve got some kinda platinum vagina” it makes me hoot.

What is he, is hip hop rap? Is rap music, or poetry? Is he a singing actor, an acting singer? Is he bad? Mad? Does he love Hayley?

Do you know I don’t give a shit, if I turn him up and I’m with someone they can expect a rough tough exciting ride of you know what I mean. He gets me going in a bad way and just sitting here now taking a little break from essay writing I’m needing something a bit more than just music.

I haven’t seen Suzy in so long I feel like a single girl again. Not that we’re an item, more like just good friends who occasionally get carried away, but when we do we get seriously carried away!

Here it is, this is the one I’ve got on, the Marshall Mathers LP2 (was there an LP1? I haven’t got that). Latest. Best!


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Life at top speed.

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Ha, when I was selecting the categories for this post I went for sex, money and culture.

It has been so full on of late.

I have been working at The Beech lots of nights, and seeing Suzy in some sort of feeding frenzy where we just can’t get enough of each other.

And we even went to see a musical – how la di da is that?

We saw Les Miserables, which I first saw as a film last year and completely loved, but seeing it at the theatre took it to a new level.

So for once I feel that I can honestly say that I have moved on from just studying and spouting about culture, to actually becoming a culture vulture in my own right.

It wasn’t just a trip to the theatre though. We did it in style and had a gorgeous pre-theatre dinner in a little restaurant on Dean Street called Pierre Victoire. Suzy told me that it was great French food at sensible prices. I thought it was lovely food at huge prices served by surly waitresses who really needed feeding up, but I wasn’t paying so I didn’t complain. We even drank calvados after dinner as a digestive! I’ve never been so civilised, but more to the point I’ve never seen Suzy acting as id she knew what to do in a social situation, yet at the restaurant she was on the case from the outset.

We’ve been together too long to be in that infatuation stage, but I have never felt closer to her – and I love it!


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Talking about London. All day!

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OK, for anyone who has become bored stupid of hearing me banging of with ebullient enthusiasm about London all of yesterday and today I sort of apologise.

But blinking heck, it was brilliant, far better than I could have ever imagined.

We walked, shopped, drank, ate, laughed, slept and a whole lot more.

It wasn’t as if love, lust or passion had clouded my judgement. Sure, it was massively romantic, but I have to admit to mixed feelings of romance, and confusion.

We loved. And we loved being together. Unencumbered by children. Duties. Work. Or life. In a different world, though only a hundred and eighty miles down the road.

And yet that freedom also bound us in a way. To a feeling that we needed to take advantage of the opportunity. That we weren’t abusing each others’ bodies enough. That we should be locked up in our rooms.

Well. I felt a bit like that. Suzy just told me it’s because I’m young, naive, and untarnished. I loved that too.

I’m excited at the thought of going away together again, but not too soon, I have to fully enjoy and exploit these wonderful moments.

Tonight everyone in the house is watching The Taste.

Sounds too much like The Voice to me. And I just heard someone’s chicken skin curry being slagged off for using curry powder – Ha! serves her right.

I’m just bobbing around the web, listening to old fashioned and sentimental love music. And enjoying this sensory overload from the extreme comfort of a pile of pillows on top of my bed. Ah, the harsh life of the modern student!

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Wolf Of Wall Street.

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Why on earth would I go to see The Wolf of Wall Street?

I wish I knew.

Here I am, verging on lesbian, but still keen on a couple of fellas, generally shaven headed, mini-skirt, I’ll grant you that, but worn with big boots that shout feminist loud and clear for anyone who cares to read the signals.

And yet I went to see The Wolf. With three other girls each more right on than me.

And strangely we loved it.


Don’t get me wrong – it’s drivel of the first order, but it is fun if you read between enough of the lines (I didn’t mean the lines of coke, I don’t have time to do that much reading).

Di Caprio was pretty cool, but it was Jonah Hill who gets my vote as the star.

It was all flesh out, and as Di Caprio’s character says to his own dad, girls these days (in the late 80’s) are shaved from the eyebrows down. There were plenty of fine girls with their kit off that’s for sure. And we roared with laughter every time one graced the screen.

Who knows if Wall Street was really like the film, but it is based on a guy’s autobiography, so that should tell us something. It was completely outrageous, and utterly immoral, but I guess that’s the whole point.

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On sex – well, briefly

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I would never try to write about sex in the sense of describing people having sex.

So may novelists try it, but the more they reveal and the deeper (sorry) they try to get in their description of our most intimate acts the worse their stories tend to get.

For me the best just hint at what might be going on, after all my imagination is vivid, I can cope with filling in a lot of gaps, and you can be pretty sure my fillers will be more erotic, more adventurous, and probably more perverted than the author had ever intended.

So when I titled this post “On sex” it was as much for titilation as it was a lead into anything truly erotic.

No. This is about Suzy, and the adventures into fantasy that she has taken me on.

It’s about the way she opens my mind as much as the way she opens my legs.

And it’s about Christmas.

And a very particular present.

Now dildos, vibrators, rabbits and other stimulators are hardly new, but I admit I’d never tried anything like these until Suzy introduced me to them.

But for Christmas she bought me something that I quite love – possibly the prettiest little thing I’ll ever slip between my thighs. Suzy is no stranger to some of the more interesting shopping sites, and has often talked about Shiva Joy, that’s where she bought this:

Cold nights at home alone have never looked so good!

Now it’s up to you to let your imagination run wild and decide what you want me to do with it!

Christmas Toy - Shiva Joy!

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