My Phone, My Camera, and now My Key

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No one who knows Kristen S would call me a techy. I love my iPhone. I love my iPad. But I’m happy in the knowledge that both can do a billion times as many things as I know how to use. However I was still surprised when I read this post (linked below) about phones being used to open doors – blimey imagine that? It’s both exciting and scary. Yale have been working on an NFC application that’s now available in the Clarion Hotel in Stockholm which literally let’s you open a door lock with your phone. All I really want to know is how I can get to Stockholm to try it out for real! I suspect that after last weekend Suzy would like the idea of a weekend these, but might be feeling the pinch financially for a week or two. So let’s extrapolate this out. If I can have an app that let’s me check in remotely, and then it enables my phone like a key, then I wonder if that also means that in a few years keys will become an artefact of the past and the list of genius from our phones will grow even longer… Phone. Email. Torch. TV. Radio. Address book. Map. Recipe book. Facebook. Every book and newspaper and magazine imaginable. And now key!

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iPad Air

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Does anyone understand what makes an iPad Air an Air device?

My current iPad, part payment for a job some time ago, is flash driven rather than a hard drive, so to my limited understanding that makes it Air in Apple’s world?

Ah well, it doesn’t really matter because just like every other Apple product it is even more gorgeous than the previous one, and even though there is no way I could afford one, I would love to have one.

I’m rather ashamed to admit that I am one of those strange creatures my brothers are always poking fun at who hang out in the Apple store until the staff move you on in their oh so polite way. That’s one place where I’m not angry or arsy, I’m in such awe of nearly everyone who works there. In fact I’d love to be there myself, but as my opening question demonstrates, while I love tech, I really don’t understand it.

I don’t know what a retina screen is.

I don’t know what Air Drop is (but it sounds like fun).

I don’t understand why the new 5s phone has a finger print recognition – surely that means your mate can’t open your phone. OK, so neither can a thief I guess, but that sounds a bit extreme.

I’ve been in there today, in the Arndale, drooling over the Apple every things.

I’m sorry. I should have more control.

But I haven’t!

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