There is no doubt about it, I am so lucky to have my wonderful relationship with Suzy.

She places few demands.

She comes and goes, admittedly sometimes she’s gone a long time, but that keeps us both keen.

She has money, though I have no idea where from, she intimates her husband looks after her even though they haven’t been together for a few years now.

And she’s generous.

All I do in return is look after Freya, try to be there for them both when they need me, and generally just be a good friend.

We didn’t ride as much as we’d planned. That was my fault. I have hardly ever ridden up a real hill having bee cycling in and around Manchester over the past few years, but hardly anywhere else. And even though I’d borrowed one of her road bikes, I just couldn’t cope.

These hills are huge, they’d wear you out walking up them, and they twist and turn, and then you have to remember the cars too. What was even more surprising is how hard they are to ride down – you need nerves of steel to just let go and lean into the bends, taking the whole road when there’s nothing coming.

I now really want to do more hill riding, but I was useless at the weekend. After the morning Suzy suggested that we call it a day and I was delighted to say yes. We locked the bikes up at the hotel and walked along the river instead, and we both jumped in for a warm swim which was truly wonderful and must have given the teenage lads a thrill – there were a few of them out with their parents and they couldn’t believe there luck as two (I’d like to think, nubile and attractive) girls slipped their bras out under their tee shirts and jumper in the river in their pants.

Wonderful wonderful. Suzy I thank you again.

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