The Devonshire Fell

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I thought that I was a pub hotel that we were going to be staying in but this turns out to be a poshly named restaurant with rooms.

Our room is at the front and has that great view that I put on the post last evening.

Dinner was an odd affair that felt like it was trying to be up market but not quite making it. The food was good, but not special, yet it was arranged on the plates as if it was in some super smart place. The trouble was things has been under the heat lamps for a bit too long and so the salad leaves had dried and even gone a bit crispy.

There were sweet girls serving us, but unfortunately they hadn’t been trained and so they were just their natural selves. That had a degree of charm, but when they knew the words for what they were serving, but not what those words meant, the effect was spoiled somewhat. Suzy politely explained what a langoustine is to one of the girls and the lovely little pop said “Ooh, I don’t think I’d like eating that!”

The innocence was charming, but not what you’d expect.

We were by far the youngest there, but I’m pleased to say we weren’t the only girl couple. It was rather hushed in the restaurant, but who cares, the view was completely wonderful, calming rather than dramatic.

After dinner last night we went down the road to the pub, the Red Lion, for a couple of halts and to sit out in what would have been a perfect evening were it not for the flying bitey bastards that were a bit annoying.

This is the bridge we sat looking at – it was nearly 10 o’clock at this point, and I was thinking what a lucky girl I am. I wonder if I’ll still be saying that when I have tackled a few of the hills – if I never write another post you’ll know I died here! Breakfast time now though.

Bridge at Burnsall

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I’ve loosely given this post the category of Travel – I don’t really consider a trip over to Huddersfield to be travel, but it certainly isn’t going to be about sex or fashion. Have you been to Huddersfield?

It’s a curious place and one that with a (very) careful tour you could convince someone that it’s rather attractive. Tonight we wandered along the canal side, with willows drooping their length branches into the water, where fishermen sat, rather optimistically, in the shade.

We ate a great curry – I just wish I had paid any attention at all to the name of the place, I’d write them a glowing Tripadvisor review. The service was good and the food excellent, the nan breads were as good as nanna’s and that’s saying a lot. I find that English Indians tend to coat everything in so much butter or ghee as if every Englishman wanted a fat little belly like an Indian, but nanna’s are always much more dry.

Actually saying about fat Brits, blimey there are some fat school kids in this town, I find that quite depressing. If they’re fat when they are only pre-teens what hope is there of ever being thing again?

We’re staying in a Travelodge, sharing a big bed, but no hanky panky. I’m with Charleene, she’s tall, gorgeous, and somehow always smells amazing, even at the end of the day. She’s black too and has oodles of mystique. But she’s not warm to my touch and she’s too valuable as a friend to risk anything. I’m properly tuned in these days and it avoids any embarrassing situations.

Charlene was visiting an old aunt of hers and wanted me to come along to take her out afterwards.

I’m always game!

Anyway, she’s just finished in the shower, my turn, then we’re off out to find some drinking.

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Travelling in style.

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When I travel, whether it’s catching a bus to Newcastle to see the Dude, or flying around the world to suffer my family in India, I tend to take the same rucksack that apparently was once my uncle Sanjay’s. It’s canvas, ancient, heavy, leaks so that I have to put everything inside in a bin bag, but also it has sewn on badges from his travels around the world in the sixties and seventies and if someone laughs at it then I just know that they are not my kind of person.

One day though I hope that I’ll have enough money to not only travel extensively, but also to travel in style. By that I don’t necessarily mean the class of travel, but more that I don’t want to be encumbered by all of the things that i’d like to use when I reach any longer term destination.

I’ve been reading about Send My Bag and I want to use their service right now!

These guys have set up a genius service that allows you to have your bags picked up before you go away, and then they’ll be at your destination waiting for you when you get there.

How good is that?

I can see the thirty year old Kristen swanning onto the plane with just her LV wheelie bag, while the bulk of my clothes and paraphernalia is shipped ahead of me. Wonderful.


Actually no matter whether I get rich or not I can’t imagine me ever owning anything as flashy as this, but I certainly can imagine sending my bags ahead. For a start you wouldn’t have to worry about what embarrassing things they might find in customs, and you wouldn’t need to bother about the silly charges for luggage in the hold on cheap flights.

Actually I best move the carry luggage down from the wheelie bag to a hold all – that’s more my style anyway.

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Talking about London. All day!

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OK, for anyone who has become bored stupid of hearing me banging of with ebullient enthusiasm about London all of yesterday and today I sort of apologise.

But blinking heck, it was brilliant, far better than I could have ever imagined.

We walked, shopped, drank, ate, laughed, slept and a whole lot more.

It wasn’t as if love, lust or passion had clouded my judgement. Sure, it was massively romantic, but I have to admit to mixed feelings of romance, and confusion.

We loved. And we loved being together. Unencumbered by children. Duties. Work. Or life. In a different world, though only a hundred and eighty miles down the road.

And yet that freedom also bound us in a way. To a feeling that we needed to take advantage of the opportunity. That we weren’t abusing each others’ bodies enough. That we should be locked up in our rooms.

Well. I felt a bit like that. Suzy just told me it’s because I’m young, naive, and untarnished. I loved that too.

I’m excited at the thought of going away together again, but not too soon, I have to fully enjoy and exploit these wonderful moments.

Tonight everyone in the house is watching The Taste.

Sounds too much like The Voice to me. And I just heard someone’s chicken skin curry being slagged off for using curry powder – Ha! serves her right.

I’m just bobbing around the web, listening to old fashioned and sentimental love music. And enjoying this sensory overload from the extreme comfort of a pile of pillows on top of my bed. Ah, the harsh life of the modern student!

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Coffee, Graffiti, Style, Fashion, anti-Fashion. I love London!

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I took so so many photos, and I could have taken hundreds more.

I loved everything everywhere I turned.

There was art and interpretations of art and stuff that was so inspiring I thought I’d burst a hundred times a minute.

Suzy kinda humoured me to a large extent, but that’s OK, I still love her just for taking me.

We drank amazing coffee.

Chai better than any my family has served me.

Wine at an hour that felt super decadent.

Little nibbles of food whenever we fancied them.

I daren’t ask how she was paying for it all.

Here are just a few shots I loved… Look at this – so simple, yet such fun poked at the police state and taser world.





We knocked – and ate the most amazing pizza.



This was too sweet not to shoot:



And these lamp shades were on Brick Lane — I loved them too…

IMG_1810I hope I get around to writing more and posting more.

We’re on the train home now. So tired, yet having had such an amazingly brilliant time.

Thanks you Suzy from the bottom of my heart. I don’t try to understand our friendship, but I do enjoy it more than I could ever tell you.


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On The Train To London!

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We’ve passed through Milton Keynes already and soon we’ll be in London.

I felt nervous meeting Suzy at Piccadilly earlier, but we were soon laughing like the girls we are and sipping at a bottle of Prosecco, and having the train’s gin and tonics in our nice First Class seats.

The carriage is nearly empty which is a bit of a bonus as we’re making a bit of a racket, and Suzy is so rude sometimes she makes me blush.

When we get there we’ll catch the tube to Old Street, then walk to the hotel. I know this is all so quotidian for many people but it has me bursting at my seams with joy!

Tonight we’re going to a pub Suzy used to meet her boyfriend at (that feels a bit odd, but fun too) and then going to Pizza East which is apparently owned by the guy who runs Shoreditch House – I don’t even know what that is, but I sounded impressed when she told me.

All that was ages ago and the night has been brilliant already.

The pizza place was amazing – and so dark! I had to overexpose this shot loads just to see the people, in reality it was much darker than this looks.


Only down side is that Suzy is in the loo chundering her heart out right now. A while ago I’d have been worried about that, but I know she’ll bound out in a bit shouting “More champagne” or something daft like that.

This is the best Valentine’s ever! In fact it’s the first Valentine’s ever that I have been treated – and I’m loving every minute of it.

Tomorrow I’m looking forward to the East End!

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