Spring. Blossom. Life comes back.

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I think I’m getting a bit spiritual, or perhaps a bit more spiritual. I guess as a girl of Indian descent I’ll always be more believing in forces that the Brits probably don’t even consider.

These thoughts have been running through my head as I realise how enchanted I have become by the bursting forth of spring.

I talked to Suzy about it, but I think she just thought it was idiosyncratic Kristen going off on one and nothing to worry about.

I talked to Linda the coach lady about it and she loved hearing my enthusiasm for things as simple as the pinprick of green as a bud first reveals its treasure, the blossom that heralds the real new year.

Actually, there’s a point. I wonder why the new year starts at the winter solstice, and I wonder if it does so in all cultures? I guess it makes sense in that it’s the turning point, but wouldn’t it be interesting to see the new year start at the spring equinox?

For a girl who is driven by extremes, it sometimes feels unnatural that I get carried away by such soft and gentle things, but perhaps that’s just a different extreme.

I feel a need to learn more about Japanese culture today. There’s a concept called mono no aware, it means something like slowing down to seize the moment in a most calm sense. I read it on someone else’s blog about the beauty of the far west of cornwall and I liked it a lot. It made me want to go and wander through the streets paying real attention to the trees blossoming and even the falling petals on pavements.

Makes me tingle even thinking about it.


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Pedal, yoga, pedal, ache.

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Pedal, yoga, pedal, ache.

This is Kristen S.

Your super active correspondent.

The girl who can do anything.

The one who runs rings around students, professionals, family and friends.

But now she’s on her knees.

I cannot believe how utterly knackered I am.

I rode up to Whitefield this morning to a friend’s house for an intimate yoga session.

I always like the idea of yoga, and pilates, but I have never tried.

Because it was for beginners it was gentle, a bit of stretching, that was about it.

But it felt great, generated a strange heat, and stretched muscles in a new way.

Then after tea and a good banter I rode home.

That was hours ago, yet I haven’t even bothered to put my bike away yet. I can hardly bring myself to move.


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Suzy’s Christmas Day Swim – gotta love that girl!

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Suzy is from west Cornwall – all the way down at the end. Every now and then when things get a little stressed, or emotional, she’ll clear off down there, usually with Freia but sometimes leaving her daughter with her mum.

She just walks the beaches, gets rained on, swims, and clears her head. I’d love to watch her from afar, but not interrupt.

She invited me down to spend Christmas at her brother’s west Cornwall self catering cottage and I so desperately wanted to go, but if I’d turned my back on mum this year then I don’t think I’d have been able to go back to the family even in future. Even though I’m so rude about us, I do love it really.

Anyway I called Suzy this morning and she was telling me about how she went swimming of Christmas morning – in the sea! That sounds utterly mad. I have tried it in August and I can’t understand the attraction whatsoever, and so the thought of going in in mid-winter is just insane.

Apparently there were huge waves too.

So not only was there the danger of dying of shock, then hyperthermia, that was then complicated by the distinct and real danger of getting swept out and drowned.

I think she’s bonkers and I love her for it even more!

She’s coming back up north tomorrow and we’re spending New Year’s Eve at her place just watching Jools Holland.

And I can’t think of anything I’d rather do. It sounds perfect already.

Bring on 2014.

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I’ve just been drowned in my clothes!

OK. I know I’m a bit of a drama queen, but I was just walking back from the bus stop and was surprised to see a vivid streak of lightning, followed almost immediately by thunder. A storm overhead.

But it wasn’t raining then.

A minute or so later it got very dark, the wind went from a breeze to a gale, and suddenly it was lashing down, so so much rain fell in seconds. People were screaming and running for cover, women with their bags on their heads trying to save their crazy hair dos (mine’s cropped short most of the time so I never care about such things).

By the time I got to the first shop with an awning outside I was soaked through to the skin, and feeling strangely sexually charged by it. If there was anyone even remotely attractive around in the dorms when I got in I’m sure I would have made an indecent pass at them, and then probably been embarrassed as hell, but may just have been shagged to within a breath of death.

That’s what I was hoping for.

In fact now sitting here and admitting it in print I’m squirming like an excited child and so need some action to calm my libido.

Does Mamma read this I wonder?

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